Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1998 Chrysler Concorde: How to Remove A/C belt?

The A/C belt is broken or Got loose.In any such it has to be replaced.
The belt is behind the serpentine belt.

Its behind the serpentine which will need to come off first.

The serpentine belt tensioner doesn't utilize a spring mechanism, there is a bolt to loosen to ease the tension and remove the belt.

For both belts, you will need to loosen the "locking nut" and then turn the "adjuster" until there is enough slack to remove the belts. Best access for both locking nuts/adjusters is from under the vehicle. Remove the 2 push-pin style retainers on the lower air shield, and remove it to gain access.

See the belt routing and location diagram for better understanding.

belt route diagram

This details will help.

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