Saturday, June 2, 2012

2004 Chevy Monte Carlo: It cranks But not Start?

The Engine will not start.The vehicle turns over but not starting.

First the basics needs to be tested.If all checked ok then test the voltage with the help of wiring diagram.

All troubleshooting and testing details with wiring diagram is mentioned below:------

First try this:----

when you turn the key to the on position, does the security light stay lit, blinks on and off, or goes off after about 10 seconds?

If Security light goes off after about 10 seconds then its good.This confirms that System is having power.

good on the security light. This means it is working ok.

the first thing to do is rather basic. Even though you have power to accessories, you could have either a loose battery cable or weak battery. So first thing, check the battery cables for both corrosion and secure connections. clean and tighten as needed.

Next, with voltmeter, check for at least 12 to 12.5v at the battery. If less than that, charge battery. If wont hold a charge, replace.

If ok, then you will need to start testing the starting system. check for 12v at the starter when someone turns key to start it. If 12v present replace the starter. If not, then starting circuit from starter back to ignition switch will need to be tested to find where voltage is lost.

Now, there is a crank(starter) relay in the engine compartment fuse/relay box. Before checking the the starter, I would swap the relay out with another one and see if it starts.

If not, then check starter for 12v and work your way back to ignition switch. Below is wiring diagram

Go through the ignition and starter system wiring diagram.

Chevy wiring diagram

This details will help.

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