Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2002 Ford Windstar: Brake Warning Light ON dash?

The Brake warning light Came ON dash.Rear brake lights not turning off and Cruise control not operating.

But this Light got OFF after replacing the Brake light switch.

If the Brake warning light on the dash is now OFF after the replacement of the Brake Light Switch, then the switch was the problem that was setting the light. This switch is monitored by the brake system, and when faulty will set the light (and also keep the rear brake lights on, and make cruise control inoperative). As long as there are no current lights on the dash, the ABS system is fine. When there is an ABS problem, you will get an ABS wanring light along with the Brake warning light.

More than likely the switch was the culprit. Just to make sure, give the brake fluid level a quick check and make sure it's full. If the Brake light returns without an accompanying ABS Light, then the ABS system is not the fault, and other things should be inspected like the brake fluid level sensor and/or the emergency brake switch.

This details will help.

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  1.  The moment the brake is released, the spring on the brake and the set of springs in the drum will pull everything back to the open position. Drum brakes ensure that the bike comes to a halt safely even if the brakes are activated suddenly motul brake fluid