Saturday, June 16, 2012

1998 Dodge Ram: Not Shift To Reverse?

Forward gears works fine,but transmission will not shift in reverse mode.

In such cases:---
First try basics.

First check transmission fluid.If its low or dirty.Replace it with new Fluid.

Second check if you get an Noise while you shift to reverse gear.Shift in reverse and see which part you hear noise.Inspect that part.

In some cases its seal issues in that case  you can do is add seafoam to the transmission.
But please note the seafoam will only help if  there is a seal issue.
Mostly what happens is that the alcohol in the additive will "Swell" the seals allowing them to seal and engage the clutches.Since that didn't help and you have no noise you could be dealing with a clutch issue.
The clutch needs complete inspection.
 Unfortunantly there is no quick easy fix for this issue, and it will need to be removed in order to repair it.
Also double check if you could install a pressure guage to the rear servo port on the side of transmission to verify that it is in fact getting the pressure needed to engage reverse.

For Exact Clutch assembly parts location,Please view the help Diagram shown below:-----
servo port

There is test procedure to rectify the issue and problem.
Exactly what part in the transmission/ clutch system is causing the problem.

Follow this test to confirm the issue with NO-Reverse Problem:-------


  • Gearshift Linkage/Cable Mis-adjusted/Damaged.
In this case :  Repair or replace linkage parts as needed.

  • Park Sprag Sticking. 
In this case : Replace overdrive annulus gear.

  • Rear Band Mis-adjusted/Worn. 
In this case :   Adjust band; replace.

  • Valve Body Malfunction. 
 In this case : Remove and service valve body. Replace valve body if any valves or valve bores are
worn or damaged.

  •  Rear Servo Malfunction. 
In this case :  Remove and disassemble transmission. Replace worn/damaged servo parts as

  • Direct Clutch in Overdrive Worn. 
In this case: Disassemble overdrive. Replace worn or damaged parts.

  •  Front Clutch Burnt. 
 In this case : Remove and disassemble transmission.Replace worn, damaged clutch parts as required.

This details will help.

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