Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturn SL2 Starter Wiring Diagram?

Starter wiring diagram details for 1999 Saturn SL2.
Starter not working will cause no start problems on your car.Problems like ...............
Vehicle just making click-- click sound or starter not engaging.
In this cases the starter has to be replaced.
FOR SATURN Replacing starter procedure .
In some cases starter wiring connections go wrong and this causes the problem.
So once the old starter is removed.Before installing new starter.Note down its correct wiring.
But if you have not done that and confused now,about how the wiring goes Don't worry,
For your help,the detailed starter wiring diagram is provided.
There are two diagrams showing different aspects of starter wiring.
The diagram is as follows:-----

starter wiring diagram

One more diagram showing which wire to notice while installing new starter:----
wiring diagram

This both diagrams will help you.

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