Sunday, June 3, 2012

2002 Pontiac Grand AM: Power Door Lock Remote Will Not Get Programmed?

The power door lock remote got faulty.Due to this new remote was bought from dealer.But to make the new remote work,the remote has to be programmed.If the Remote is not getting programmed,then it will not get detected.In this case it can be faulty remote itself or its the Issue with BCM or Anti theft system.

first on the remote you bought, is it a genuine GM remote, or some aftermarket brand? I have seen several aftermarket ones on Ebay and such that dont work.
So Always by original factory remote from Dealer.

As per the  power door lock diagram, bcm and antitheft diagrams. Because of how the circuits are run, even if one door lock actuator or switch was faulty, the other side would still work. The only common denominator between them not working and the remote not being able to be programmed is the BCM. Other then this nothing else will cause all the current issues.

Replacing the BCM will resolve this.

To replace the BCM its easy,the Procedure is as follows:-----

For this you will have to  remove the right side trim panel underneath the right side of the dash and it is mounted on a bracket attached to the side to where the blower motor bolts to:

See the help diagram and instructions  shown below:-----

Replacing BCM

Please Note:----
It has to be programmed with your current mileage and VIN code and used one will work as long as it is programmed first with your vehicle's information.

This details will help.

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