Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rear turn signal not working on 2008 Ford Escape?

Left rear turn signal is not blinking and  left rear break light is not working. Left front turn signal blinks fast. Right side turn signals and brake light work fine.

"Reboot" the Smart Junction Box by removing fuses 1, 19, and 23 of the Battery Junction Box (BJB) with the ignition switch off. Leave the fuses out for at least 5 seconds and then reinstall the fuses. Recheck operation of the brake light and front turn signal bulbs.

If this doesnt do the trick than you will need to check the grounds at the rear tail lamp this is the most common cause of the problem your having as they share the ground for this operation.

Black green is ground on both sides. then the yellow and blue switch out. Just face the top and match them up.just two wires on both sides.
Black green wire at the rear lamp if no ground than its bad if this is good than its the smart junction box.

If the wires checked out ok,then its issue with socket where bulb is fitted or problem with bulb.
If all checks ok,then its module.
On a 2008 you dont have a flaser box or relay its in the lighting control module it internal.
The item you removed fuses from is also a junction box.
The box will need to be replaced this is the reason your having the trouble you are having. This is not just a fuse box but a module you have to get a complete module box which is available on www.car-parts.com or local salvage yards.

This will help.

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