Saturday, March 3, 2012

stumbling and stalling at idle after engine rebuild?

In this case the customer had problem with his dodge vehicles engine.
Due to this engine rebuild was necessary.After getting the engine rebuild the stalling and stumbling problem at idle started.

In this case the O2 sensor needs to be tested.
Watch the voltage of the 02 sensor when the event is occuring, we have to know what the (PCM) computer is seeing in the exhaust. If the mv are above 500mv (0.5 v), and do not switch, we have a rich condition. Also, we need a fuel pressure test, at the fuel rail. During the rebuild, an already failing fuel pressure regulator could have stuck slightly open, letting excess fuel in as the engine warms up. Or a fuel return line could be kinked or resitricted. A fuel pressure test can open up different avenues in determining what is causing the failure.

This details will help.

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