Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vehicle stumbling at idle and shows code 54?

The problem noticed on Dodge Dakota.
After getting engine rebuild,then engine started stalling at idle and error code 54 was retrieved.
On basis of this details the possibilities for the problem are as follows :----

Code 54 is No fuel sync or high data rate signal detected during engine rotation .

It seems like the cam signal (distributor pickup) may be faulty causing the hesitation, and setting the code.
The reason the problem may only occur when the ambient temp is warmer than normal, this may futher condemn the cam/distributor sensor issue.

I am speaking about signal generator plate under the distributor cap.
While engine rebuild many a times ,the  bolts for the flywheel get misaligned. The windows on  flywheel  by the crank sensor gets damaged.--If that's the case then replace the crank sensor because the windows being warp.

If the "windows" in the flywheel are damaged, this can definitly cause the problem, however, the fact that temperature affects it make sme wonder, unless the metal (steel) flywheel is becoming warped from the heat, just enough to cause the variance in the CKP signal waveform. Also inspect the plate in the distributor, which is more commonly the fault for a "no fuel sync signal.If the CKP sensor is at question for a good signal, we may need to evaluate the waveform it produces, thru a lab scope(its a tool to test sensor readings). The damaged windows wil show up in graph form as they pass the CKP sensor, and we can see if they are affecting the signal or not.

ALSO OTHER POSSIBILITY.for this problem can be low fuel pressure

Test the fuel pressure.It should be around 50 psi with the key on, and approx 35 psi-40 psi while the engine is running. With the guage you can also test the fuel flow. If it is low, we may have a pump pushing good pressure but not suffieicent flow. Or a partially plugged fuel filter.You may option to purchase a guage set, but if it's too expensive, I believe most automoptive tool rental places will have one. ANy time there is a engine performance concern, it's good to have the fuel pressure and flow tested and out of the way. As far as the running hot issue, have you replaced the fan clutch already? Have you tested it? When the engine is warm/hot, and you shut it down, you should be able to only spin the fan blade less than one revolution. This is the period when the clutch is engaged and therefore should be stiff and difficult to move.

This details will help.

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