Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oil light came on and the car died?

It has multiple possibilities,that can cause this.

you may deal with a faulty fuel pump that does not supply enough fuel.
If you get spark but the engine does not start, then you should check for fuel pressure with a gauge. You should get something about 40-47PSI with the Key On and Engine Off. If it is not, your fuel pump has to be replaced ( wires to fuel pump should also be checked to make sure it gets power and ground).
If it supplies some fuel to the engine and the pressure is low ( 10-20PSI), the engine may work but it will have rough idle, hesitate and no power symptoms.

You should not replace the fuel pump till you are sure it is faulty.
You should check the fuel pressure and that will tell you if it indeed has to be replaced.
It is not a cheap one to throw parts in by guesswork.
First of all make sure you have a strong spark from the spark plug cable ( use an old spark plug connected to ground). If there is spark, then try to start the car by spraying some Carb cleaner or start fluid into the air intake. If it starts with a spray, you have a problem with the fuel supply.

SO when you try to start it it chugs and dies ...........
If you ever see the Red oil light come on it means "turn the engine off as quickly and safely as possible". You ran the engine too long with little to no oil pressure. Your engine is now shot. The reason it will not turn over is it's locked up.

Does it sound like the starter clicking or is it in the engine? If yes,then try hitting the starter with hammer and see,if that makes any difference.

but if the starter is bad it wouldnt have caused the car to die. Since your oil light came on and then it died it sounds like the engine locked up. If it is locked up the starter could be clicking because it doesnt have enough power to turn the engine over. I would drain the oil to see if it is sludged up and see how it looks. I cant find any info on the location of the starter but if you follow the positive battery cable it should lead you to it. You could try hit it to see if it will start but if not just be sure before you suspect the engine take it off and take it to the autoparts store and have it tested.

Before you condemn the engine find the crank pulley where the belt is, it will be the bigger pulley on the center on the bottom and find a socket and ratchet to fit it and try to turn it over by hand to see if it will turn. If not then it is definitely locked up. If it turns it is likely the starter if all of your connections are good. Once it is locked up it is pretty much done. This will happen due to lack of oil pressure if there is not oil getting to the bearing it will seize and ruin the engine.

This will help.

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