Thursday, March 1, 2012

VW passat radio off safe mode? VW radio CODE?

The radio display stuck on SAFE MODE.

Safe mode is normal for the radio when the battery is replaced. You have to reenter the security code for the radio.

To get out of the SAFE MODE follow this procedure.

1) Power the radio on... you should see "Safe" on the screen.
2) Simultaneously hold down the "mode", "scan", and "mix" buttons for three seconds.
3) If the key-combo works, you should see "1000" apear.

Once 1000 is shown,
now enter the radio code.

Once you enter correct 4 digit radio code.Then radio is unlocked and it will start working.

On 2000 Jetta--replaced  battery and my radio went into safe mode. Didn't have the code I found the code on a sticker to the left of my spare tire.This helped.
In some cases the code is on radio top.Its 4 digit code.Starting with 0 or 1

If you dont have exact radio code for your radio unit,then dealer is the best option.

As per rule,you should get this radio code free.
But many dealers charge the client to provide the radio codes.

Just take original paper and your license with you,to get the code for your radio.

This will help.

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