Friday, December 16, 2011

Common Causes of Car Oil Leaks?

Common car oil leak locations:---

  1. Cracked valve cover gasket.
  2. Faulty PCV valve.
  3. Oil pump worn out.
  4. Oil pan got cracked.
  5. Distributor O-rings.
  6. Rear main seal.
  7. Transmission seal,drain pump and tranny lines.
  8. Brake line,master cylinder and brake hoses.
  9. Clogged/Cracked oil filter.
  10. Power Steering hoses and pump.
This all possible parts needs to be checked, when you notice any oil and engine fluid leak.
The oil pan should not be banged, dented, or warped. If this happens the gasket may not seal properly and cause oil to leak. Check the oil pan drain plug.The PCV valve gets clogged and can cause oil leak.Valve gasket gets blown up due to pressure or get cracked due to getting old and oil leaks.

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