Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Radio Stereo Wiring Diagram for 1991 Chevy 1500?

In case of radio wire got disconnected or replacing the radio.The wire has to be connected in this way.The yellow wire from the truck attaches to the red wire of the stereo. The black wire goes to the black wire. If the truck doesn't have a black wire, connect the black wire from the stereo to a bolt on the frame of the dash. The orange wire from the truck goes to the yellow wire of the stereo. If you are using the pre-amp outputs from the head unit to the amps, you do not need the speaker wires from the amp--just tape them off--do not attach the speaker ground wires to chassis ground, as the pre-amp outputs have grounds in them already. Are the yellow and black wires that are loose coming from the head unit or the truck harness? There should be an orange wire in the truck harness to go to the red wire of the head unit--this is your accessory power. If you don't have an accessory power wire for the head unit, run one from the fuse box. The black wire from the head unit must attach to chassis ground, unless there is a black ground wire in the harness you can solder it to. If the head unit has a yellow wire, that goes to a hot wire to maintain the clock and radio presets when the key is off.
The blue wire from the head unit goes to the rem terminal of both amps. It is fine to have a jumper from one amp to the other between the rem terminals, as long as you also have the blue wire from the head unit going to one of them. Same with the big hot wire to the batt terminal of the amps. You can run it to one of the amps and then use a big jumper from one amp batt terminal to the other amp batt terminal. The amps should have a power on lamp that glows when they are getting the power on signal thru the blue wire (when you turn the head unit on).
Also, the head unit red should not be connected to the orange, or your head unit will not shut off with the key. You need to find the yellow wire in the harness to connect to the red wire of the head unit in order for the head unit to turn off with the key. The orange wire from the harness should connect to the yellow wire of the head unit to retain the radio presets.
Even if you leave the orange wire connected to the red, the head unit should work and should be producing sound to the amps.

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