Friday, December 30, 2011

Blower motor Resistor shorting problem?

Dodge Dakota:

Many car users notice this problem.
There are actually for speeds for blower motor.
The blower motor works on all speeds,but not work on High speed.
It only works on first three speeds but not on fourth.
In this case most probably,the problem is faulty blower motor resistor.

Although the resistor could be the problem,. There is always power going to blower. The switch and resistor only make the grounds to run blower. Now.. on hi mode, the link from switch to blower goes through the resistor but direct shot to the blower.I hope this makes sense. You could either have bad resistor again, OR a bad blower switch at control panel. I am thinking the reaosn for the 2 failures may? be a blower motor that has high resistence on high setting which could be damaging the resistor block. It cant be the blower per say that is preventing high but could? be blower motor affecting the resistor. Going that you did resistor one time before, I lean to high draw on blower motor causing the resistor to go bad. See below  the diagram. Notice on the high setting, the cirucit runs directly through the resistor to blower making the ground. I would try resitor agian. If the resistor again blows after few days? then consider doing blower motor at some point soon to prevent this from happening.


This details will help you.

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