Friday, December 30, 2011

Misfire on cylinder 4?

This code is due to many multiple reasons.Its not one or two reasons.Check the coil, the wiring and also check cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor. Also You can have an issue with the fuel injector causing this code too. If it has not been replaced most likely it is the problem.
Basically you get error code P0304 in this cases.

Getting this possibilities checked will help.Thanks.

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  1. how can a misfire on one specific cylinder be caused be the crank or cam sensor? the sensor just puts out a frequency that the pcm reads. so in this case the frequency would have to mess up at the same exact point every time. which does not seem likely. when a crank or cam sensor go bad it would be on different cylinders each time or just be a p0300, random misfire. if i am missing something please let me know.

    1. also why say nothing about compression of the cylinder? if the specific cylinder has no or low compression it will cause a misfire. compression should be above 120 psi to be ok. good compression would be between 150-200 psi.