Friday, December 30, 2011


This fault is noticed on Cadillac Eldorado car model.

Basically this error code cooling fan fault occurs on DIC when car ac is turned ON.When ac is switched off,the DIC gets cleared.

In this case ......
The first place to look is with the fans themselves. 
Do they come on and any other time?
If you manually activate the fans by jumping pins 30 to 87 in the fuse block, do the fans turn on ?

If the fan turns on when you override the DIC module,then its faulty fan control module.
Repairing this module is not a do it your self  procedure.And also not many local car professionals can repair it.So the best option is to replace the fan module.But before that inspecting the fan wiring and the fuse block is advisable.
This should help.Thanks.

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