Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saab 9-5 Aero Throttle body problem?

Throttle body in most cases has to be replaced.But it also can be repaired/rebuilt.But this has to done by professional mechanic,who is familiar with this jobs.

If you go for replacing complete throttle body then throttle body itself, retails for $521.75.
Plus labor to replace: 1.0 hour, plus possibly some programming time of 0.5 hours.

To get it rebuilt,
There is a good automotive electronics rebuilder in the Boston area, however,your car would be off the road the whole time they're working on it, so figure a week.But for that You will have to find an independent shop willing to remove your throttle body, ship it for rebuild and reinstall once it's done.

To get your throttle body rebuilt,you would have to contact them directly here to see if they would rebuild yours:

This details will help you.
See below more throttle body related solutions:----

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