Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shift indicator directly goes to 2nd when key is turned ON?

This problem is noticed on 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 6.0L engine.

This problem is noticed on many car models,not just on Chevy.
Actually in this problem,the truck will not start,but when you turn the Ignition KLey to ON mode,the shift indicator will go to second gear.It will not go back to park mode or any further gears.It just goes to second gear.

In this types of problem,first the basic possibilities needs to be inspected and replaced.
The neutral safety switch.This has to be checked,if its faulty,then replace it.If neutral safety switch is checked ok,then it can be loose wiring issue,pull the dash apart and inspect the wiring's and its connectors,if any is loose then reconnect the connectors.

But in case,if all checked out ok,then ...........

This is a simple issue and yes a common one,but the one that you are unable to fix with parts. The issue is a firmware issue in the PCM. This faulty firmware causes this to happen and will not allow it to start even if you jump the starter.

The only fix is the update. Now this can be done a a gm dealer or a shop that does gm programming. It should take about 20 mins and an honest shop would charge only about 40-50 dollars for this. But the cost may increase f the reprogramming takes more time.

This details will help.Thanks.


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