Friday, December 30, 2011

Diagnostic Code P0540 continue to return and the MIL light is on?

This problem is noticed on
United States Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4X4 of year 2007 with  Engine: 6.6 Diesel model.

Car diagnostic code P0540 is related to Intake Air heat code.
In this case The  has been replaced.As you mentioned that this code comes up again,this clears that you have replace this module.If you have not replaced this intake air heater module then replace it.But if you have already replaced intake air heater module then , in that case check the resistance of the intake air heater on the passenger front top of the engine . This is the square shaped device with the battery cables on the top right side of the engine. Behind it goes to the top of the EGR valve.
Resistance of the intake air heater will be very low considering a 125 amp fuse feeds it.It will be better to test for resistance over the two parts and see if it is open.
What condition is the wiring in the small plug, and the terminals in that plug to plug into the intake air heater?
Test those back to the ECM? If any connection is loose or shorted then it can be the issue.

Also other thing to be checked is 125 amp mega fuse under the black box on the firewall behind the passenger side battery? Check If that fuse open?If yes then replace it.

Checking inspecting this possibilities will help you.

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