Friday, December 30, 2011

Replacing power adjustable bucket seats to both heated and cooled seats?

This request for made for replacing 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LT bucket seats to heated and cooled seats from Tahoe.

To this query the answers is as follows.
Yes the replacement is possible ,but its not a easy task.
While this is theoretically possible, there are many things different between not only the seats , but the electronics that work that system as well as the network interface to the rest of the vehicle. Simply swapping the seats in would be the easy part of the modification.
The system out of a 2007 Tahoe in newer vehicle.
If so, one of the issues is the network interface type. In 2005 the network was a class 2 network, where the 2007 and newer use controller area network that is considerably different and will not interface.
The replacement is possible but this might be more expensive than is possible. One of the things you need is an interface module connect between the two types of networks.
If the exact module is not there,then all functions will not perform,as they should be performing.

Hope this explains you the possibilities.So you can follow the right path.

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