Thursday, December 29, 2011

Power door locks not working?

BMW 325 :

Many of out clients face this problem on their Cars.This problem is very common,not only on BMW car models ,but on many other  car models which has automatic operating door.

In most cases the problem is as follows ...........
Button to lock the doors does not work. Customer can lock all doors from the out side with the key. But from the inside all has to be locked/unlocked manually.

Double check the fuses, but the door lock problem is almost certainly due to a failed general module. This is pretty common, this is the module that controls central locking. A dealer replacement runs about $700, but there are many repair centers who deals with door lock module repairing.I suggest you to locate,one repair center in your area.There are many online sites,which ask you to send your module,to their repair center.This is one site,mentioned below ..........

But this is not the only one,there are many other repair centers too.Getting help,from your local car garage or auto parts store will also help.They know, who is dealing with such modules in your area.

Hope this helps.


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  1. Basically you unscrew the inside old door handle and with your new inside door handle you put it back on make sure you clip the plastic yellow clip to the rod or else over time it will pop out .desoto tx locksmith