Friday, December 16, 2011

Troubleshoot Car Oil leak?

Basically like diesel and petrol,the car oil s not used.The oil is there to lubricate engine moving parts.After certain period of time oil gets dirty and contaminated.In that cases its replaced.But if you notice that oil level is got low,then either the oil is leaking or engine is burning oil.
If you notice no oil leak,then engine and its moving components needs proper inspection.Engine burning oil is indication that major engine rebuilt task is waiting for your car.

So first inspect the oil leak.If its getting leaked then oil leaking source has to be located.

Open your car hood and see for wetness,if you notice oil wetness on engine moving parts or engine area then its quite possible that oil is leaking slightly from gaskets.the gaskets are rubber material parts,this gaskets are like seal,there are used in between two metal parts.
Park your car at stable flat place for few hours.Then inspect for any wetness under the car and on the ground where car was parked.If you see wetness ,then its oil leak.
If you notice such oil leak indications then part from where the oil is leaking has to be located.To do this you must have the oil and dirt removed from the engine, then the best thing to do is have a dye put in the oil that glows under a black light, drive the car for 10 miles or so and look all over the engine for the source(s) of the oil leak.
But if you notice,that actually oil is getting consumed lot,but its not leaking,then engine problem is likely to be there.Get the engine and engine components checked /inspected by professional auto part store.

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