Saturday, December 31, 2011

No power due to weak turbo?

This problem is noticed on 2002 GM Silverado Duramax.

This types of problems are not very common,but noticed in few cases.Basically in this cases the engine has no power unless you push gas pedal all the way to the floorboard.
In some cases there is steady check engine light and in some cases no check engine light comes up.
If the check engine light is there,then getting the car scanned will help to retrieve the error codes and further you can troubleshoot with the codes.
But if no check engine light comes up,then there are many possibilities like faulty fuel injectors,dirty clogged fuel filter etc etc.But if all that checked ok then its weak turbo issue.To test Turbo you can check the mass air flow readings when it is wot driving. It should get over 400 g/s. You should have tech2 tool to check the mass air flow readings.
If the converter is broken up it could be intermittent.
The turbo is possibly the issue, can you check the waste gate operation? Move it by hand, see what it does and check the rubber hose. Waste gate is on the side of the turbo, a pot with a hose to it and a rod to a lever coming out of it.

This details will help you.Thanks.

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