Friday, December 30, 2011

No power to the control side of the fuel pump relay?

This problem is noticed on 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix.

This types of problem causes no start problem.
So first try this ,directly wire the fuel pump  and see if its working or not.If not,then fuel pump itself is the issue.

First check the basic possibilities like fuel pump assembly, fuel pump relay, straight wired pump to make sure it works, checked fusible links and all fuses in dash and under the hood.

If all checked ok,then go for major troubleshooting.

When you turn the ignition on, Do you see the check engine light?
If you see check engine light on dash,then there is error code stored in cars engine computer module.The module needs to be scanned to retrieve error codes.
Basically in this cases you get steady check engine light on dash.But if you are not getting then try this ...

Manually jump the red to the thick pink at the back of the ignition switch see if that check engine light does come on?

If that lit up all the lights on the dash with the switch turned off or on.

Then try this
With the jumper in place are you able to start the engine?
If yes,then in your case its faulty ignition switch.It has to be replaced.

This details will help you.
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