Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Inspect Alternator Drive Belt?

The Car Alternator is the accessory driven by drive belt,drive belt is majorly known as serpentine belt.

See the image below.This Flexible belt is used to drive the alternator.
Before replacing Alternator belt,first the belt has to be inspected.

Alternator belts getting loose/overstretched causes problem with Cars charging system.
Loose drive belts are a major source of charging problems. The obvious problem is a low charge rate. When the regulator energizes the field in the alternator rotor, a load is put on the drive belt. If it is loose, it will slip and the charging system will not work to capacity.

Another problem caused by a slipping belt is that it can heat up the rotor shaft and cause failure of the drive end bearing.
See image below to inspect alternator belt.
Inspect the belt by looking at both sides.
Look for signs of glazing.

Look for signs of tearing or cracking. Also, try to turn the alternator fan and pulley with the engine off. If the pulley slips on the belt, it is too loose or is glazed and must be replaced.

This details will help you.
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The topics mentioned below,with help you to confirm the alternator problem.

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