Thursday, December 29, 2011


X5 BMW :

TPM screen is Tire Pressure Monitor Screen.
Yes this problem is noticed by some BMW x5 car owners.
The menu screen gets stuck on TPM screen.
It will not shift/navigate further.

First try pressing the center knob on the console and see if its helping.If not then it can be Computer problem or the controller problem.Both needs to be inspected and reprogrammed.In some cases reprogramming helps,but in some cases part needs to be replaced.Which ever is faulty,computer or controller.
The main computer will cost approx $1000 and controller will cost Approx $700.

But before trying replacing anything,first inspect the fuse which controls the controller.The fuse number 6 in the glove box is for controller.if this fuse is short or blown,then replace this fuse and check.

Next I would unhook the vehicle's battery for one hour to reset everything - sometimes a weird computer glitch can cause a problem like this. Unhooking the battery is like rebooting your computer when it crashes and can sometimes resolve this type of issue.

If still no luck, then either the car needs to be reprogrammed, the computer has failed, or the controller itself needs to be replaced. BMW has a service bulletin out about the controllers going bad due to low voltage, so this could very well be the problem. Mention this  to your dealer and they can check if this is possibly the issue with your BMW X5.

If the battery reset and fuses don't solve the problem, there will be no way to fix this at home - a BMW diagnostic computer will 100% be required to diagnose the problem and reprogram the system.

Hope all goes well.Thanks.


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