Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heater and fan works,but AC will not blow cold Air?

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Many car users face this problem.
There is a possibility that the Freon in the AC system is too low. Normally, the AC system has a pressure switch to keep the AC from running if the runs out or is too low. This helps prevent damage to the AC system.
Does your compressor cycle on and of. It should cycle every five minutes or so. You should see the clutch engaging or at least here it when it does. If not you have one of two problems. A bad compressor (bad clutch, ceased compressor piston, ((or badcycling switch))) or your system has a leak.The leak could have formed anywhere in the system. Most common places are the shrader valves in the high and low side service ports.These ports are usually located on the aluminium lines or near the compressor.Leak will commonly form as a result of old and dry o-rings. I would suggest finding your high side port and test bleed it. Do this in an open and well ventilated area.Freon is harmful gas so cover your nose and mouth with a wet rag and avoid breathing in any freon that may be expelled from the system.If no white mist comes out then the system is dry or at low pressure. You can buy a leak detection kit from your local parts store.This basic troubleshooting will help you.


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