Friday, December 2, 2011

How to replace headlights on Chevrolet TrailBlazer?

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Its not very hard.
You just have to get past the two retainers that's holding the headlamp
in place. See the help diagram below. Note the bottle-shaped slot at the middle of each retainer. The upper slot is narrow and this is where the headlamp mounting grooves lock. To ease out removal, carefully push on the face of the headlamp while pulling (or prying) out the retainers upwards. When the headlamp mounting grooves coincide with the round slot of the retainer (you can feel it), you can gently pull the headlamp assembly outwards, and start working on those bulbs. 

Do it very gently,keep the new bulbs ready,twist the old bulbs out carefully,without breaking them.Don't touch the new bulb glass,with your hand.The moisture in your hand,can make the bulb get wet and its brightness will be blurry,also the bulb gets short,due to wet.Hold the metallic side of bulb and twist the new bulb in slowly.Or you can hold the bulb in soft dry cloth.
This details will help.Thanks.
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