Friday, December 9, 2011

Vehicles Cluster panel Not reading Miles?

Its issue with instrument cluster board.
The vehicle speed sensor [located behind the speedometer in the instrument cluster] drives both the speedometer and the odometer [mileage meter]. It sounds like an electric problem in the instrument cluster. Remove the instrument cluster and take it to your local speedometer repair shop. Look in the yellow pages for them. Or simply buy and install a used instrument cluster from a junk yard.
This basic details will help.Thanks.
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  1. Thanks for the info above.
    Clear and succint.
    I would appreciate a bit of help with the Cluster Removal for:

    Kia Spectra EX 2004 Front Engine Automatic

    Just in case info (jic totally wrong direction)

    The Odometer (digital numbers)
    Usually stays at 3, mostly at 0

    Speedometer (red stick)
    Works fine, 50% of the time
    although it does not rest at the very bottom.
    A few clicks above.

    Other gauges appear to function normally.

    My bud is mechanically gifted, no formal training however 20 years of tinkering with dirt bikes, cars, trunks, etc.. well, I'd give him a 7 out of 10.

    If you ever require undivided attention for any computer issue I've got about 50 years experience. Be glad to help.

    Jimm Harmon