Friday, December 2, 2011

After getting car washed,check engine light is on,and key less entry not working,tried reprogramming.Also car shows fuel pressure?

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Its not one but many problems.Its a multiple problem issue,there are many possibilities for this.
The Keyless entry would not change the Electronic chip in your Ignition key. The Ignition key has an embedded Code which requires Special settings a Dealer must do aside from you programming a Blank Key. Just use your Key to mechanically enter the car if in doubt.
The "Check Lights" are telling you that some component is not working properly. It has identified the problem and a Scanner will display the problem for you to repair or replace the bad part.
There is most likely a direct correlation between wetting the engine and the problem. Sometimes it takes a few hours for water to run into the wrong place so you can not discount water from being the problem instead of reprogramming the door-locks.
If your car were running, you could get a free scan at any Autozone, Advance, or Oreilys parts store. Some have tool loaner programs and you need a Scanner.
If you car runs, but idle too slow.Then your TPS could be completely out. Easy to replace and under $25.TPS means throttle position sensor.
Now you say you have fuel pressure, but it could be residual pressure before a safety switch called an "Inertia" sensor cut off the juice to the fuelpump. There is a reset on this part once you locate it. It can disconnect with an impact of closing a door hard or the hood. Usually this switch is behind one of the front kickpanels or under a plastic cover in the cargo area.
The scanner I mentioned can run from $50 to $300 depending on what you want it to check.
You can have the same bad part(TPS) on your car or about 30 or 40 other parts. You need to check what the scanner tells you. You can find the TPS on the air bonnet and it is usually opposite where the throttle linkage moves the Butterfly flap. Usually 2 screws and 1 electric plug. Without removing the TPS, just unplug the connector and put an Ohmmeter on both wiring leads from the part, not the wiring loom of the car.
Without having the key in the Ignition, just turn on the OHMS function and then move the throttle linkage it is associated with. The Ohms should move steadily and if it does not, then that part is bad.
This basic troubleshooting will help you to test and inspect the problem. Thanks.
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