Friday, December 2, 2011

Catalytic Converter glowing hot?

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The details are as follows :-----
You probably have a large vacuum leak. Catalytic converters can only glow hot if they are getting too much fuel and too much oxygen (or air). A vacuum leak will put way too much oxygen in the exhaust and will cause the oxygen sensors to read lean. Then the computer will start adding a bunch of fuel to try and compensate for the lean oxygen sensors.
You may be able to find the Vacuum leak by using an old spray bottle and using plain water to mist the seams of the upper engine and any Vacuum lines that you see.
When the water is drawn into the leak on a running engine, your RPM will drop or the engine will stall. Some mechanics use choke cleaner to do this test, but choke cleaner is combustible, can damage your cars' paint, and can melt certain plastic parts. The safer fluid is water.
The details mentioned above will help.Thanks.
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