Friday, December 2, 2011

All Power windows Not working?

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Many car users face this same problem.Power windows stops working,basically power windows needs regular inspection and maintenance.
If all the windows stopped working then you probably popped a fuse. The fuse should be in the fuse box and you would look in the Owners manual for the location of the particular fuse for the function.
If your windows were frozen or even a light frost causing a drag on the motor, you could ruin a fuse. They are not expensive. Now if the windows were being operated in above freezing temperatures, then a window motor may have gone bad or a part called a "window regulator" has jammed and overloaded the fuse.
A Local Car Repair shop regularly makes these types of repairs. If the window motor is bad, you will repeatively pop fuses. To replace the "window regulator" or the window motor requires removing the inner door panel to get at the parts.
If the windows were operated in a frozen state, then replace the fuse and do not use the windows until they are cleared off. One a particular door is identified as containing the defective parts, then it only takes about an hour to replace the bad stuff.But if the fuse is checked good then You would look in the door panel.There is an Relay for the automatic up/down function on the Drivers door or in the console if that is where your Master group of switches is. You could try each door separately but if they all fail, usually the Drivers has the extra Relay for the auto up/down and the rest don't have that feature.
This basis test/inspect procedure will help.

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