Friday, December 2, 2011

Car cigarette lighter fuse blows out?

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Many car users notice this problems.
First of all check to make sure a coin or metal thing has not got into the lighter.If that is OK, then check the lighter element to make sure it is not burnt , it creates to much resistance on the lighter circuit and blows the fuse.If all checked ok,then test the voltage to the lighter fuse as well as the cig lighter wiring to the lighter socket.Directly connect cig lighter wires to the 12 volt battery and see if the lighter works or not,if not then there is problem with cig lighter assembly,but if it works directly,then problem is cig lighter wires.There is short.
This basic testing will help.
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  1. The reason why the cigarette lighter socket is blowing out the fuse is because something along its lines is shorting out. The fuse is put in place in the circuitry of the cigarette lighter socket to protect the wiring from melting down and causing an electrical fire.

    A cigarette lighter in a socket is handy to have available in your car, especially if you're a smoker you don't have a lighter and you want to light your cigarette. Also you can remove the cigarette lighter from the socket and use it as a 12v power outlet to charge your mobile phone or sat nav. If the cigarette lighter socket in your car doesn't work, you probably already have replaced its blown out fuse with a new fuse of the same amps. If you notice that every time you start your car and the cigarette lighter fuse keeps blowing, inserting another new fuse is not going to fix this problem.

    Source : Car Cigarette Lighter Socket

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