Friday, December 2, 2011

Car windshield wiper gets power for movement and stops?

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Many car users face such problem.
If you are getting the one swipe/or bit of wiper arm movement then the switch is getting power to the motor.Also the body control module is turning the wiper relay on to get the one swipe.There is a wiper module made onto the motor that keeps the motor on,as is sees the request from the switch.The Switch gives command to module and module give command to motor.The module has a circuit board in it that can get bad contacts and not allow power to motor to move the wiper arms.The module is built on motor itself,so installing the wiper motor is advisable.
On some car models this function works direct by motor and switch communication.In that case there wikll be no wiper circuit module,so in that case also motor has to be replaced.
This basic details will help.
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