Friday, December 2, 2011

Car turns over but will not start,only makes clicking sound?

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Many numbers of car users notice this problems on their cars/trucks.
There is a link between the battery and the starter. It is called a "starter solenoid" and if the battery is below a full charge, the solenoid can make a chattering and occasionally kick in. This is also a sign that with a good battery, the solenoids' internal parts are bad and it needs to be replaced.
If this car has one type of starter solenoid, a free-standing remotely mounted part not attached to the starter, then you can test this type of solenoid by bypassing the solenoid with a single jumper cable. You need to be in Park or if a stickshift, neutral with the Ebrake on. There will be sparks so it is best to place one end of the jumper on the battery side of the solenoid switch with its' clamp. Then use the other end of the jumper to touch the remaining large wire on the other side of the solenoid. If the engine cranks better by bridging the solenoid, the solenoid is probably bad. The second type of Solenoid is attached to the Starter and sometimes this part can be replaced, but testing is done by inspection after pulling the starter.
You can get the remaining parts of your car tested by going to Autozone, Advance, or Oreilys and ask for a Starter draw test and a Battery test. They will test it free.
Other possibilities can be weak,battery,faulty shorted starter itself of loose wiring connection between battery to starter or from starter to starter solenoid or battery to starter solenoid.
Getting this possibility tested/ inspected will help you.
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