Friday, December 2, 2011

Car will not run after resetting inertia switch on Mercury Mystique?

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Recheck inertia switch.It some cases car starts but again stops running after few days,this is because inertial switch gets triggered again.
Did the inertia switch get triggered again? On the side panel, down behind the hood-release, there is an access hole in the panel. (1.5in diameter?) Inside you'll find the switch. It's a round button; that acts kind of like the ground default switch on an outlet. If you can push it in; it's been triggered again. If not; well it should be fine.
What triggered it the first time? If it was an accident; there may be further damage.
If that's good to go: I'd have to ask whether the fuel filter was changed at the same time. Sometimes they can clog with debris from burnt-out pump.
Also check the plug connecting to the pump. That would be worth checking as well. You need to pull up the rear seat cushion. Where you'll find a rubber cap with a wiring harness protruding from it. Lift that up you'll find the plug underneath. Unplug it and perform a visual inspection. If it all looks good, well you'll need to begin more advanced diagnostics by car pro in your area.
This basic details will help you.Thanks.
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