Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Know what is faulty Cylinder head or Head gasket?

You cannot detect that easily.You are driving and you see white smoke from exhaust.This basically makes you think,what exactly is faulty. But i tell,you cannot know this without inspecting.Don't just replace parts,without confirming.
A cracked cylinder head or a failed gasket can only be identified after the head has been removed.(both give the same symptoms).
Generally the head won't crack by itself and the gasket fails first. Once you have the head removed you can bring it to a machine shop and they can test (either dye, pressure test, or magnaflux) to determine the condition of the head.(you can't always see cracks) It should also be checked for warpage and re-surfaced if it is.We are never sure if the problem is the gasket or a cracked head until the head is removed and pressure tested for a crack. Oftentimes, we remove the head carefully to preserve the gasket as much as possible so that we can inspect the gasket for leaks. If it is obvious that the gasket was leaking based on visual observation of breaks in the gasket, then we may skip the pressure test and just replace the gasket; however, there is no way of knowing until the head is off the engine.

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