Thursday, December 1, 2011

The plastic housing which goes to the upper radiator hose is cracked and leaking?

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Basically the leak is noticed from water outlet and thermostat housing.
But the outlet which is most likely to fail is the water outlet. It is not the thermostat housing. The thermostat is located on the left side of the engine block. This part is commonly a component that fails. It is also the most missunderstood component to techs that have never seen one, and invariably will tell you incorrectly that it is the thermostat housing. 

This is called the water outlet housing or coolant air bleeder. It may be mistaken as the thermostat housing when indeed the thermostat housing is at the lower hose on these engines . Dorman Products makes an aftermarket replacement however I always do recommend an original replacement part from the dealer . To replace first make sure engine is cold then drain coolant, disconnect upper hose at the housing. Next you may have to loosen and lift the intake plenum to gain access to the rear bolts of the housing. This does require some special skills as there are usually support brackets in the rear of the plenum that connect to block or cylinder head. Once removed you must thoroughly clean the surface with a scraper and then a fine sandpaper. Last ,be sure to properly fill and bleed your cooling system . This is a very common problem with Dodge cars and Trucks.

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