Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ford Truck Door will not Close?

Many car users notice this type of problem.You stop the car and open the door and come out,but door will not close.It locks/unlocks but the door will not get closed.
In this case door assembly,door frame needs to be inspected.
It is possible the latch mechanism closed after opening the door. Get a flat blade screwdriver and stand outside your truck, looking at the door latch area. you should see a small flat arm that is making a closed loop in the area where the door striker goes. Stick the screwdriver inside the loop and gently pry outward on the loop as you pull the door handle. That loop is actually like a tongue that should flip inwards towards the truck as you pull the handle. There are a few different ways you could possibly flip the latch back, depending on the exact configuration of the latch assembly. Usually on van we have to put the screwdriver through the loop from the outside and rest the tip on the door. Then, as we pull the handle, we move the handle of the screwdriver toward the vehicle which flips the latch back down so the door striker post can go inside the latch. This procedure should help.Thanks.--------------
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