Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Car Tail Lights Not Working?

Tail lights not working,first inspect the tail light controlling fuse.In most car models the fuse is located in the instrument panel fuse box.If the fuse is blown,then remove and replace the fuse.
But if fuse is checked ok,then inspect tail light bulb.If the bulb is problem,then replace the bulb.But if bulb is checked ok,then it can be wiring issue.There is a short.
Run a new wire from a solid ground point( like from the battery negative) to the black wire on the tail light fixture and turn on lights. If you have a working light then you'll need to find where that ground wire for the socket connects to the vehicle and inspect the mounting point for corrosion. Also inspect where the wire goes into the socket for corrosion and inspect the existing ground wire for breaks or lumps. If you cannot get the existing ground wire to work then you will need to replace the ground wire and mount it to a new ground location on the vehicle chassis or frame. When installing a new wire, make sure to coat all parts with Dielectric grease to ensure a clean connection and help prevent corrosion from building up. Also inspect your bulb socket for discoloration or corrosion. You may be able to clean out the socket using a water and baking soda mixture, depending on the severity of the corrosion. If you clean it out, use compressed air to dry out the socket and put a generous coat of Dielectric grease in there to help promote the connection.
This details will help.Thanks.
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