Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where is TPS and IAC Located on Ford Escort?

Ok.TPS means throttle Position Sensor and IAC means Idle Air Control Valve.
When you notice car jerks or bogs down or Car idle getting rough or lean.At that time,you need to inspect cars TPS and IAC part.
The THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR is a black plastic device [abbreviation is TPS] mounted on the throttle body. It is held on with 2 screws and has a 3 wire electrical harness plugged into it. The easy way to locate the throttle body [in case your brother does not know] is to follow the black rubber tube which goes from the air cleaner to the engine. the aluminum device that rubber tube connects to, is the throttle body. There is another sensor called the IAC [Idle Air Control Valve] which also is attached to the throttle body. The IAC usually has 4 wires, rather than 3, going to it. That is the easiest way to differentiate it from the TPS [Throttle Position Sensor]
The TPS can be changed by unplugging the wiring connector and removing the two mounting screws. To further complicate the issue, Ford used two styles of TPS. One style has slotted holes for the two mounting screws. The slots are designed to allow the sensor to be adjusted. The second TPS design does not have slotted mounting holes in it. It can only go on one way, and is NOT adjustable. If your car has the style with slotted holes, you will need to use a computer scanner to read the voltage of that sensor [with the key on, engine off and gas pedal [aka throttle pedal] at idle. If the voltage for the TPS is between 0.9 and 1.1 volts, everything is OK. If the voltage is not within that tolerance, you must loosen the mounting screws and move the sensor in the slotted holes, to get the proper voltage reading.

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