Thursday, November 3, 2011

Car shudders and dies?

In most of cases this is caused by dirt throttle plate.Carbon build up on throttle plate.Get the throttle body cleaned completely,with throttle clearer, which you can get from local auto parts store.But if that is not helping,then I believe your concern is the transaxle. I believe your losing line pressure from internal leaks in the transaxle and this is causing the converter clutch to engage. You need to have the line pressure monitored as well as the converter clutch using a pressure gauge and scan tool.Either get this test done at professional auto garage or at dealership or get this tools from local auto parts store, to perform the test yourself.At auto parts store, they provide the pressure gauge tool and scan tool for rent and when you return the tools back, they deduct there minimum fees and return you the remaining amount.

This details will help you to test and confirm the problem.

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