Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ford F150 sputters and bogs down upon acceleration?

This is common problem faced due to many possibilities.The most common possibilities for this problem are

Dirty fuel filter.

Worn out coil wires or faulty spark plugs.

Low fuel pressure.

Problem with catalytic converters.
First this possibilities needs to be checked and inspected.
If all this checked ok, then
It could be a dirty MAF sensor. Clean MAF sensor wire with brake cleaner. The MAF sensor is located near the air filter element. The wires are exposed to the air flow to the engine. Unplug battery for 15 minutes to rest PCM and road test for any changes.The MAF sensor is near the air cleaner box.

It is possible that you have a fuel delivery problem. You will need to check the fuel pressure with a gauge and hose long enough to drive and watch what the fuel pressure is doing especially under a load.Could be a bad fuel filter or even a weak faulty fuel pump. If that is the case, try replacing fuel filter first, if that doesn't work replace fuel pump.


This above mentioned details will help you.

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