Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Convertible top won't go up?

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Convertible problem is noticed by many other car models too.Convertible tops needs regular maintenance,to keep them trouble free.But if not serviced/maintained then such problems will be noticed.

This problems are basically due to loose wiring,short in motor or switch wiring, faulty hydraulic motor,faulty hydraulic top controlling switch or low hydraulic fluid.

To Confirm the problem first listen,do you hear hydraulic motor noise.If not,then use test light while operating control switch up and down position.To do this test you will need a helper.If power is at switch, then see if you get power at hydraulic motor while helper work the control switch, if no power at motor hook test light to good ground, if still no power at hydraulic motor check fuse.But if you get power at hydraulic motor and you hear no sound then hydraulic motor bad.If power going to control switch and not to hydraulic motor ,then either control switch is bad or you have broke loose wire at switch going to motor.If all electrical system okay and when you work the up switch and hear hydraulic motor running your hydraulic fluid level low reason why convertible top not going up.Then check fluid level at the side of the motor and pump you should see screw type check plug.If fluid is low check for leaks at the pump hoses and hydralic cylinders.

This basic testing detail will help you to confirm the problem.Thanks.

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