Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to make your Remote Control Last Long?

Remote controls are now a days used much.Most of the electric devices now comes with remote control.Also failing of remote control rate is getting increased.
Most of the remote control faults are due to failure/ leakage of battery in the deivce. It is important that the cells taht you install must be checked in a time period so that you could find out before the electrolitics leak and damage them. for his keep a date tab on the reverse side as a reminder, replacing them maybe in a period of three months. however if you are keeping away many such due to low use, please try to take off the batteries and let them idle. If however you ahve encountered such an issue, immediately open the remote, use a good cleaner to wash off, dry the PCB using a good hair dryer , then assemly them after cleaning and oiling the contacts from rust accumulation.
You must do this remedial prevention for devices that hold a battery but kept without any use.
This basic details will help.

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