Tuesday, November 29, 2011

condensation error message on Digital Camera?

This problem is noticed in dew conditions.

In many occassions the camera had refused to work especilly when you have visited the mountains or the sea side. Hence sure that the camcorders with the tape recording is kept safe to prevent accumulation of water condensation. 
Your camera refuses to work after being exposed inside an AC or cold room. There is a DEW sensor within the camera as a protection as when there is condensation due to cool condition within the camera, the tape can get chewed into the cylinder head drum.
So all what you need to do is to keep the camera in a warm place, use a hair dryer slighly into the door after ejecting tape or you can put the set On overnight without any harm. 
When you travel keep the camera covered with a blanket and do not expose the camera to direct AC vent.

This basic tips will help you.

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