Friday, November 11, 2011

Driver side power window not working on 1999 GMC C1500 ?

Power window quit working,This problem is occurred many times.
There are few possibilities ,that needs to be checked.
Most possible the problem is either power window switch or the power window motor.
Any of the one goes faulty,the window will not function.

You will need test light or volt meter to test the switch and motor.
The procedure is as follows :----

Pull the switch out so you can get to the back of the window switch while its still plugged up.
Find the yellow wire and check it for power and the black wire should be ground.
You will see dark blue, light blue, black, tan and brown wires, in that order.
Find the dark Blue wire( should be terminal A on the connector) and the brown wire ( terminal E). Both of those should be a ground when a button is not pushed, When you push the up button, one should be power and the other should stay ground. You can put a test light or a volt meter across these 2 circuits and it should light the test light or show voltage when you push up and down button.
Hook the volt meter up between the brown wire and the dark blue wire and push the switch both ways and see what the readings are.

If you push down goes to -12.15 if you push to go up goes to 12.15
In that case the switch is good and its probably the window motor that is bad. You can pull the door panel off to get to the connector for the motor to check the voltage there and to check the connection there also. If that shows up good also, The motor is bad. You can try tapping on the motor while pushing the switch up and see if it will go then.

This details will help.


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