Sunday, November 6, 2011

Replacing Driver seat on 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

Its not very easy to replace seats.Its just fitted on bolts, removing is not very hard,but re-installing new seat takes time.As it should be placed exactly and mostly this is time consuming.

The seat is bolted in. Here is some info to help you.

Object Number: 317076  Size: SH

Disconnect the seat belt electrical connector (3) from the body wiring harness.
Disconnect the power seat connector from the body wiring harness 6-way power seat only.
Disconnect both seat back and seat cushion heated seat element connectors from the harness.
For the passenger seat only, remove the front under-seat storage tray. Remove the front seat nuts (2).
Remove the front seat (1) from the vehicle.

The drivers seat can be repaired . A GM dealer can disassemble the cover from the hardware & replace the broken parts. If the 2nd row seat is a "captains chair" like the front it should replace the drivers ok. When the drivers seat is removed set them side by side on the ground to make sure the seat frames (at floor mount) are the same.

This above mentioned details will help you.

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