Sunday, November 6, 2011

Low heat problem on Plymouth Breeze?

Basically this problems are faced on many other vehicles too.
First thing to check is most possible causes for this problem.

1) First check is the fan running.
2) Next check coolant level.
3) Another possibility can be faulty thermostat.
4) Can be problem with blower motor resistor.

But once you confirm,that this above mentioned possibilities are checked ok then,usually this problem is caused by a partially plugged heater core, with the car fully warmed up, can you feel the heater hoses where they go through the firewall, and see if both are hot, or is one hot and the other just warm?
Does the temp gauge on the dash go down when driving also?
If its same then there is a flow problem through the heater core, and this will be worse when driving, you need to first try and flush the heater core.
You can use Prestone radiator flush, but first disconnect the heater hoses, and pour it directly into the heater core and let it sit for 2 hours, then back flush with water, this usually restores full heat, if it doesnt, then the core will need to be replaced.
The problem is heater core in that case.
The details will help you to confirm the problem.

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