Sunday, November 6, 2011

How the Air entering the engine is measured?

There are basically few ways, by which the quantity of air is measured,which enters the engine
1. Carburetors use Bernoulli’s principle: Air pressure is reduced as air flow is increased and the vacuum created is used to control mechanical metering devices.
2. A now obsolete means is a Vane Air Flow Meter. This used a spring loaded 'flapper' to determine the volume of air.
3. Another method that has gone by the wayside is a Karmen Vortex system. This used a variety of different means to detect the volume of air based on creating a vortex and measuring the disturbance.
4. Some vehicles still use the Speed Density method. This uses a manifold absolute pressure sensor, air temp sensor, throttle position sensor, and RPM data to determine the volume of air.
5. Hot Wire, or Hot Film sensors are becoming more common. Each bases air flow on the resistance in a heated wire or plate and the change measured as the intake charge passes by.

This above mentioned procedures will help you, to know.How the air is measured which enters the engine.

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